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Happiness in life

Do you Know Secret of life ?  like a thief, or a saint, or any person who does anything in this world is his ultimate goal – Happiness in life . Everyone who always wants to be happy. Amazing secret of life.

A thief, stealing money because it will make his  feel that he will gladly him.
A saint, puts his whole life for the good of others, it’s because he feels it would gladly.
Today it is the artical you’re reading because you think that your life will be better and you will be more happy.
Both a saint and a thief is to be happy, but two different ways why ??

What is the Secret of Our Life !! ?

The great mystery of our life is that ‘we do not know ourselves‘ Maybe we do not know its nature or origin, or perhaps knowing nature is unknown.
We know the nature of the liquid is water, so that we know what the basic nature of human beings ?

Self  Realization

Every individual person has a quiet power which we call conscience (Antratma). In each case, the conscience is correct. The conscience always shows us the right way.
Even when we’re doing something wrong, then it seems a bit strange to us saying that he do not work, it is only within us the inner strength that prevents us from doing bad.
It is said that every man is part of God inside , it is God’s only part of our conscience.
what is Our nature or temperament? – calm, strength, love, fear, harmony, help others and do good.yes its true.

This cool and amazing power that exists within every human being, whether it be a thief, or a saint or any person.
But then why does a saint on the right path and the wrong path culprit ?
This happens because the saint is audible but to convict your conscience does not hear that voice now.
When we ignore the fact that his conscience becomes weak, contact our conscience.

As we tend to ignore their conscience is weak, however the contact with our own conscience, and a day will come when we do not hear her voice at all.
As contact with our own conscience is weak is the way we seem to be depressed and seem to find happiness in material goods, we are unable to solve the problems in the ‘stress’ becomes our companion.
Question arising! ?where are we going ?
Today our life is like a machine which we rush, but we do not know where we go ? If we collect the money themselves no exaggeration to say that the robot.
Today, we have everything, yet most people are not happy ?

Why is it like this??

From the simple reason that our own conscience is weak, so we can only find happiness in external objects.
We think that anger is bound to be, but what a grumpy person can be happy ? Anger is not only worsened after the entire day, Why?
Because our nature is to stay calm when we are angry, we tend to ignore the voice of your conscience.
Actually we do not ignore your conscience is as much as we are mentally and emotionally vulnerable.
That is our nature is absolutely pure anger, and greed have no place. But anger, greed and seem to try to make his nature we become unhappy.

Even if a thief by stealing it, he will be happy, but actually enhances it by stealing your problems.
When we do evil to another person, then we have the highest self-harm because we did not listen to his conscience.
Most people think that if we have anger, jealousy or greed when God will punish us, but it is not. Indeed, when we anger, and greed or do anything bad to our conscience and that our conviction has become weak links
We are responsible themselves for their sufferings and problems. Man to be happy depends upon how strong contact with his own conscience. We can ignore the conscience is killing itself in the foot

Awareness is the Basic Requirement of Human survival.
All the best….
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