How Boost Your Brain's Memory !! Increase Brain Power


How Boost Your Brain's Memory !! Increase Brain Power

July 29, 2017by admin0

BoostMemoryHello Guys !! How Boost Your Brain’s Memory 
Often we forget small things and even we tend to forget the important things too. Mostly we have to suffer a loss due to this, but now we need not to worry anymore. Just a little changes in your daily diet will deal with your problems easily. Here’s a report:

1. Tomato
Tomato is not only used for tangy taste in recepies but it also helps a lot in increasing your brain power. Tomato contains protein, vitamins and fibre in sufficient amounts. It’s carbohydrate content is less. Tomatoes help in protecting the free radicles in our body. It also helps in protecting the brain cells from any damage.

2. Olives
Olive is not only good for health but it is also very helpful in beautifying the skin.The fat present in olives is useful in increasing brain memory.

3. Flax Seeds (Alsi)
Flax seeds are rich in proteins and fibre. Its regular use in your diet boosts your brain power.

4. Walnut
Walnut consists of many anti-oxidants and eating 2-6 walnuts daily keeps away all diseases. It also maintains the cholesterol levels. It is used in boosting brain power. Take 20 gm of walnuts and 10 gms of raisins regularly in your diet.

5. Curd or Yoghurt
Curd contains proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, minerals, calcium and phosphorus in sufficient amount . It increases the formation of good bacteria and destroys the bad ones.
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