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In this time where life is fast-paced and mind is always boggling between hundreds of activities, emotions, responsibilities and deadlines, heart-related diseases are on the rise. According to a research an estimated 17.9 million people have lost their lives from cardio vascular diseases (CVDs) last year. These deaths represent 31% of all global deaths, out of which 85% occurred due to heart attack and stroke. Thus, it is extremely important to take care of this vital organ.

To keep your heart healthy and sound, Cardio workout is the most effective and the popular workout amidst men and women. Cardio Workout is a set of exercise that raises your heart rate, making it working better and stronger. A stronger Cardio Vascular System means more oxygen being delivered to every single cell inside your body through more capillaries.

There are especially designed Cardio workout for men and Cardio workout for women. These set of workouts uses large muscle movement over a dedicated period to keep your heart rate to at least 50% of its maximum level. If you do not have enough time to go to gym or to any other training center, you can also perform these exercises at home, without the use of any heavy equipment.

Here is a list of best Cardio Workouts that can be done easily at home:

  1. Walking: The best workout for the beginners, walking is the easiest and the safest way to give your Cardio regime a kick start.
  2. Running: After walking, running comes next. Along with helping you burn some extra calories, it also helps you to maintain a healthy heart and body.
  3. Bike Riding or Cycling: Cycling is a fun way to burn calories and the best cardio exercise. It uses large muscle groups in the legs and helps to elevate your heart rate. You can do it indoors or outdoors. To make it more interesting, take your partner along with you.
  4. Stair Climber: With sky-touching buildings, using elevators has become a part of our daily routine. But when you use stairs instead of elevators, you burn more calories! Why? That is because it uses more muscles than walking.
  5. Swimming: This activity is not only apt for recreational purpose but also ideal as a total body workout, as long as you are not just floating. Swimming laps are the best way to use every muscle in the body as every single stroke works effectively on your heart and lungs.

From losing those extra pounds to stronger heart, lowering down high blood pressure to bringing down cholesterol level, increasing bone density to reducing depression and heart risk, incorporating Cardio Workout has many benefits. So when are you starting?


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