Yog & Fitnes (Etiquette of Indian Culture - Healthy Habit)


Yog & Fitnes (Etiquette of Indian Culture - Healthy Habit)

July 30, 2017by admin0

Healthy-HabitsEtiquette of Indian Culture – Healthy Habit
Food is best relished when hands are involved. Research, too, shows that eating with your hands is healthy also. Here’s why:

  • Do you love breaking your idli into pieces dipping it in chutney or sambar and relishing it without the help of a spoon, or tearing a crispy hot dosa and scooping it with fresh coconut chutney, or taking a bite out of a tandoori chicken?
    Sometimes, these actions can come across as uncivilized and ungainly, but you do not have to be embarrassed about it.  Here is some  good news:
    A research has come up with the findings that state that eating with your hands is good for health. It helps improve one’s health, and enhances the taste according to the study. Here’s how:
    1. Engages our life energies: According to Ayurveda, the five fingers represent five elements or life energies namely: fire (thumb), air (index), sky (middle) earth (ring) and water (little finger). It is also believed that it represents all our senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. So when we utilize our five fingers in tandem, our five senses, together enhances the sense of food be it sight, taste, and texture. Besides this, it is said that eating with our hand improves our memory.
  • 2. Aids in digestion: When one touches the food, a signal is sent to the mind and depending on the food, the mind arranges for the metabolism to work accordingly, and thus not only gives one the feeling of being full, but also aids in better digestion.
  • 3. Acts as a natural sensor: When we use our hands to eat, we are instantly aware if the food is too hot, which is not possible when we use cutlery. Thus, in this manner, our hands act as natural sensors, and prevents us from burning our tongue and mouth.

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