Health Benefits of Juicy Lychee-Wholesome Goodness


Health Benefits of Juicy Lychee-Wholesome Goodness

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Health Benefits of Juicy Lychee-Wholesome Goodness

Health Benefits of Juicy Lychee – Wholesome Goodness

Litchi has a very high content of water. It consists of excess amount of vitamin C, potassium and natural sugars. In summers, the intake of litchi hydrates your body as well as it also helps in keeping the body cool.Health Benefits of Juicy Lychee-Wholesome Goodness!!
Health Benefits of Juicy Lychee:

1.Treasure of Health
Litchi is not only eaten as a fruit but its juices and shakes are a treat for everyone. It is also used in jams, jellies, marmalade, salads and in other delicacies for garnishing.
One small litchi contains carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin AB complex, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron which are highly nutritious and healthy.

2.Good for Digestion
The vitamins present in litchi are important for the formation of red blood cells and also in the digestion process. The ß carotine helps in keeping liver and other parts free from infection. Folates is necessary for controlling the cholesterol levels in our body. It also helps in keeping the nervous system healthy.

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3.Provides Energy
Litchi is a source of energy. The people suffering from tiredness and exhaustion must add litchi in their daily diet. The niacin present in litchi produces necessary steroid hormones and haemoglobin for production of energy in our body.

4.Weight loss
Litchi not only keeps us healthy but also helps in keeping our body fit. The soluble fibre found in high amounts is helpful for burning the excess fats. It is also useful in good digestion and prevents other problems.

5.Good  for Stomach
Eating litchi helps in prevention diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach problems, ulcers and internal swelling.
It helps in reducing the effect of harmful toxins in stomach. It also provides relief to the stomach cramps during stones in the liver.

6.Cold and Cough
It is a good source of vitamin C. Hence, it is very beneficial in preventing cold, cough,flu etc.
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