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Food supplements  called dietary or nutritional supplements. To deliver nutrients that may not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Food supplements are concentrated sources of Nutrients, whose purpose is to supplement the normal diet. Food supplements can be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and other substances  in the form of pills, tablets etc. HEALTHY LIVING WITH HEALTHY FOOD.

They also such as vitamins and minerals are best derived from food sources. They include fish oils, which have been shown to benefit heart health; minerals like iron to help prevent anaemia, and a whole list of vitamins, from A to K. Supplements contain higher amounts of nutrients than are found in most foods. However, you might find it difficult to eat a balanced diet on a regular basis, especially if you have special food considerations, like allergies, that make certain items off the limits.

Food supplements can help you get the nutrients you lack from your regular diet. Almost people take a multivitamin. Supplements may be used to correct nutritional deficiencies or maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients . Supplements are available in a range of doses, and in different combinations. However, only a certain amount of each nutrient is needed for our bodies to function, and higher amounts are not necessarily better.

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that our body needs in small amounts to work properly. Those who do not take enough vitamins and minerals daily through the consumption of food may suffer from vitamin deficiency and may have a higher risk of developing illnesses, therefore the need for food supplements. 

Advantage of Food Supplement:

  • Vitamins and minerals help protect the body from diseases,They recommendations of vitamins and minerals needed by the body, especially in those who do not eat a healthy, balanced diet or meal.
  • Multiple-vitamin supplements provide all the basic micronutrients your body needs. multiple vitamins are generally safe because they contain only small amounts of the each nutrient.
  • It’s supplements in addition to consuming food enable us derive our daily dose of vitamin and minerals.
  • They Supplements can contribute to improved muscular strength, endurance and overall physical performance, they are therefore commonly taken by athletes to improve their performance.
  • It can also prevent a variety of diseases and health conditions. It help prevent certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and it can also help manage constipation.
  • Some Food supplements are used in combination with drugs as a method of complementary or alternative treatment for health conditions.
    Side Effect:


Food supplements are not as strictly regulated as drugs, their effectiveness may not be as dependable, when taken in dosages that exceed the recommended dietary intake, some supplements may be toxic and cause serious side effects.Consuming excessive amounts of vitamins in supplement form, may cause liver damage, reduced bone strength, headaches and birth defects. Large doses of certain vitamins and minerals can cause nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness ,nerve damage, weight loss, and other illnesses. Healthy living Click here

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