Herbal Cures-Nature’s Path Towards Health Fitness


Herbal Cures-Nature’s Path Towards Health Fitness

July 29, 2017by admin0

Herbal Cures-Nature’s Path Towards Health

Herbal Cures-Nature’s Path Towards Health

Hello Guys!! Do You Know about Cinnamon and honey  benefit ??Herbal Cures-Nature’s Path Towards Health
Cinnamon and honey  the Cure of most diseases

Benefit are here

Worried about hair loss or baldness? Here’s an effective cure for it , check it out :
a) Apply a paste of one tsp cinnamon powder, one tbsp honey and 2 tsp of hot olive oil before a bath and let it stay for 15 min, then rinse it off. Click here for more
b) Within a few months of regular use you will feel the change for sure.

2 WEIGHT LOSS : We are all aware that a healthy diet ,regular yoga and exercise are our bets , but are there any golden bullets?Yes , for sure:
a) One of the coolest weight loss trends today is including cinnamon powder and honey in your daily diet.
b) People often use this combo in tea , eat it directly or use it as a topping for cereals and others foods.

Herbal Cures-Nature’s Path Towards Health
a) Intake of cinnamon and honey in the morning controls blood pressure and glucose levels in diabetics.

a) Take two tsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of honey in a glass of Luke warm water and drink it .
b) It will help in destroying infection causing germs in the bladder. Click here for more details

Do you have sensitive teeths? Do you often go through the aching of tooth? Here’s your total solution :
a) Make a paste of one tsp cinnamon powder and 5 tbsp of honey and apply it on the aching tooth.
b) Applying it three times a day(daily) will reduce the aching of tooth.

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