Improve Your Sleep on the floor-Good Sleep !! Change the habit!


Improve Your Sleep on the floor-Good Sleep !! Change the habit!

July 29, 2017by admin0

SleepImprove Your Sleep on the floor-Good Sleep.
We all have a habit to sleep on our soft mattress but sleeping on the floor has its own benefits. Experts believe that if one sleeps in the right direction and in the right posture then it helps much in keeping our body healthy. Come let us know more about its benefits:
1. Relieves Backache
According to the researches , sleeping in the right posture on the floor helps in keeping our spinal cord straight and in right direction which prevents any back problems.

2. Good sleep
If you are suffering from sleepless nights then sleeping on the floor will lead to a healthy and good sleep.

3. Strong shoulders
While sleeping often your shoulders are not in the right direction hence you suffer from neck and back pain. Sleeping on the floor will maintain the proper direction and balance of your shoulders.

4. Controls blood pressure
Sleeping on the floor is essential for the proper blood circulation. Also it maintains the co ordination between the body and the brain and gives your body efficient energy.

5. Provides Relief
Sleeping on the soft mattress could lead to many health problems but when you sleep on the floor you get much relief.

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