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“The power of mind is infinite; meditation is the way to unlock the potential that our mind possesses.”

Before we start to ponder upon the term ‘Meditation’, it is extremely important to understand what Meditation is NOT! Meditation is not about zoning out or going to Himalayas in order to experience something magical. Neither is it about controlling the mind, nor it is about having earth-shattering experiences. Then what is Meditation?

Meditation is a spiritual practice that helps the practitioner to work and train her mind. A simple and effective way that leads to an improved sense of calm, focus, concentration, attentiveness, awareness and an elevated level of human qualities that are invaluable- patience and empathy.

Life has multiple ways of testing our caliber, resulting in situations and conditions that are way beyond our control. Meditation helps us learn to control our reactions and actions towards any difficult situation that we might face in our lifetime. An elevated level of awareness is what helps in maintaining our calm and focus during hard times, and no other technique can cultivate awareness better than meditation does.

Practicing meditation regularly helps us to take charge of our minds and teaches us that it is the most significant human undertaking. It also teaches us that taking charge of our thoughts is not about taming them, but it is a medium to connect with our mind`s innate qualities – goodness, spaciousness and creativity. Only a calm and focused mind can radiate the light that can outshine the shadows of confusion and disturbing emotions.

Meditation is awareness. In this fast paced life, it is important to dedicate a considerable amount of time to slow down. Research has shown that regular practice of Meditation can affect both physiologically and psychologically. Some of the physiological effects include reduced respiration rate, lowered state of physical arousal, changes in brain wave patterns, decreased heart rate and lowered stress.

Some of the other psychological and emotional benefits of meditation include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved emotional well-being
  • Better stress management skills
  • Improvement in working memory and fluid intelligence
  • Better management of symptoms of conditions including anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders, pain issues and high blood pressure
  • Changes in different aspects of attention

Our mind is creative and wants to make itself heard. Giving it sometime and space to express itself is the first step to sit with it, listen to it, understand it, feel it and learn to harness it. There are so many techniques such as focusing on our breath, while sitting in an erected posture on a chair, floor or bed and simply paying attention on the breath to bring calm and serenity to our mind. Let all the thoughts come and go, while you concentrate on the natural flow of breaths. This is the practice of being mindful. Start meditating now to unveil the incredible power of your mind.


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