On A Healthy Note - Provide Better Info :Yog & Fitness


On A Healthy Note - Provide Better Info :Yog & Fitness

July 29, 2017by admin0

On A Healthy Note-Yog & Fitness

On A Healthy Note!!

Well guys!! quite amazing this IT or our Software line is. Having spent around a decade of
time in this line and having seen almost all the topsy-turvy curves in a typical IT professional’s career. I feel like sharing some of my views endorsed with some facts which effects the most important asset of our lives-the Health.

It is of no doubt that IT today is billion dollar industry, and has given sparkling careers to many aspirants. So many of us invest all our time and efforts in pursuing careers and climbing professional ladder that we don’t realize the insidious effects it imposes upon.

Healthy Notes here:

I have, and I believe many of you would have seen professionals developing some
sort of health disorder quite early in their life due to the hectic lifestyle which most of us
are leading theses days.

The unpredictable nature of this profession leaves dark clouds of
doubts hovering continuously over our minds. The most common symptoms are on the
physio-psychological front, manifested in the form of frustration, depression and stress.

Close-up of stethoscope on laptop keyboard

The other day, I was reading an article published in a leading Newspaper which reported
that in US, China, Canada and Japan alone, this phenomenon has resulted in huge rise in
cardiovascular and other similar dangerous illnesses. A leading bank in Canada addressed this problem to its employees in a monthly letter with the title ‘Let’s Slow Down’. “We are the victims of mounting tension. I have difficulty relaxing. Are not living fully.”

Surely, this phenomenon is now clearly visible in the lives of we Indians.
The WHO predicts that stress will be the number one killer in the world by 2020. Quite
an alarming figure!. We must rise to the occasion now and try and develop a balanced
lifestyle which includes regular exercise and rest, spending time in charity if possible,
mediation and prayer. Committing time to Self, Society and God would make life more
meaningful.’On A Healthy Note‘.

On A Healthy Note-Yog & Fitness

while it is important to focus on our careers, it is imperative that we may not get
lost in the way and neglect our personal lives. “Health is the crown on a healthy man’s 
head which only a diseased man can see”, says a motivational leader.
I know many of us have already taken the noble path and are doing justice to this
priceless human life and contributing our bit towards a stress-free society.
Wishing you all good careers and good health to cash upon!!

Let’s continue to spread the message………….

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