Whole Summer Cure - Onions !!Good Vegetable for Summer


Whole Summer Cure - Onions !!Good Vegetable for Summer

July 29, 2017by admin0

onionWhole Summer Cure – Onions ?Onions are not limited for making recipies and salads , it has a lot more benefits. Eating raw onion in summers will help you keep away from loo. It is also used in curing many diseases.

Prevents stones:
Drinking the juice of onion with little sugar will help much in the problems of stones. Daily intake of this juice will help in dissolving the stone and removing it through the passage of urine.

Hair loss:
Onion’s juice helps much in hair loss and hair related problems. It also gives a shine to the hair and makes it look lustrous.

Joint aches:
Massaging the joints with onion’s juice relives the person from any joint aches. It can also be mixed with mustard oil in equal amounts and then it can be applied.

Cold and Cough:
Onion is warm in nature. Hence it is very effective in curing cough and cold. It use helps to open any block nose during cold.

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