Tamarind-The unique antiseptic Whos else likes golgappe


Tamarind-The unique antiseptic Whos else likes golgappe

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Tamarind2Hello Guys!! Tamarind-The unique antiseptic.
Who else likes golgappe, tangy sambhar or the finger licking tamarind sauce with the yummy samosas? Everyone is a huge fan of all these yummy snacks. But are you aware of this that street food could sometimes be healthy?? Yeah, its true ,tamarind used in combo with many snacks and street foods is a unique antiseptic and it has many health benefits too. May be some of you must be knowing about its common benefits but still it has many exceptional ayurvedic benefits too. So come check the sweet n sour tamarind out…

It’s a condiment. It’s a spice. No, it’s a bean. The “Manila sweet,” as the tamarind is sometimes called, is all of the above. Tamarind seed extract, which is deliciously tangy, is one of the most highly prized foods in Asian and Indian cuisine.

Each 100 grams of tamarind contain 36% of the thiamin, 35% of the iron, 23% of magnesium and 16% of the phosphorus recommended for a day’s worth of nutrition. Other prominent nutrients include niacin, calcium, vitamin C, copper, and pyridoxine.

Tamarinds also contain high levels of tartaric acid, just as citrus fruits contain citric acid, providing not just a zing to the taste buds, but evidence of powerful antioxidant action zapping harmful free radicals floating through your system.However, consume tamarind in moderation because it contains fructose, which may be harmful to your health in excessive amounts.
TamarindProvides relief from fever
Take some juice of  fully grown up flowers of tamarind and give 15 gms of this to the person suffering from fever. You can add cardamom powder and dates for extra effects. It eases the person instantly.

Provides relief in burns
Char some leaves of tamarind in a earthen pot .When the leaves totally get charred grind them into powder. Now in 1 gm sesame oil add 4 gm of this powder and apply this paste on the burnt part. You will get relief from any itching or burning. It will also help in curing the wound soon.

Increases hunger
Intake of tamarind’s fruit juice with a little black salt helps in increasing your hunger. Regular dose of this twice a day would completely solve your hunger problem.

Provides relief from constipation
Take some seeds of tamarind , dry roast and grind them to powder. Take 3 gm of this with lukewarm water and you will get quick relief from constipation.

Prevents and cures Yellow fever
Boil some fruits and leaves of tamarind together and blend it to form a soup. Intake of this soup will definitely help the person suffering from yellow fever. It is believed that daily intake of this for a week provides immense relief.

Rich Source of Antioxidants
Tamarind is abundant with anti-oxidants and it has become a highly effective all-natural defense towards cancer. Though these types of advantages are not yet been verified, we’re conscious that anti-oxidants within the body assist to combat free-radicals that may result in the growth and development of cancer within the body. It may therefore be determined that the consumption of the tamarind fruit can offer an energetic protection against various kinds of cancer.

Improved Eye Health
As an A vitamin, the supply of beta-carotene in tamarind helps to ensure eye health and regular vision. Vitamins might also decrease your chance for age-related macular deterioration, a major reason for blindness in the United States. They might also sluggish the advancement of macular degeneration once it hits, especially when you mix all of them with various other anti-oxidants, just like vitamin C.

Quenches thirst
The syrup of tamarind as well as sugar is an efficient thirst quencher. It may also help to cure burning up feeling.
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