Useful Benefits Of Mango Leaves -Aam Ke Patte !!


Useful Benefits Of Mango Leaves -Aam Ke Patte !!

July 29, 2017by admin0

Mango_leavesUseful Benefits Of Mango Leaves -Aam Ke Patte??
Mango leaves – Controls Blood Pressure:
Mango is the king of fruits. It is sold and eaten mostly in the summer season. But do you know that mango leaves are highly beneficial in keeping our body healthy ? Mango leaves contain therapeutic and other medicinal properties . Moreover it also contains good amount of vitamins C, B and A. When the mango leaves are fresh, small, red-purple colourish then they could be picked and used. As the leaves get older they no more remain healthy and beneficial. Mango leaves contain anti-oxidants and anti-microbial properties which can protect us from nearly every disease.

Protects from Asthma:
Its highly recommended to the people suffering from asthma. It is used mostly in chinese medicines. Drinking kadha made from mango leaves mixed with little honey protects from asthma.

Prevents Blood Clotting:
It also has hypotensive property which helps in lowering the blood pressure. It strengthens the blood carrying nerves and prevents blood clotting.

Keeps Stomach Healthy:
Boil few leaves of mango in water and leave it overnight. Next day drink this water early in the morning , it will help you a lot in preventing any stomach problems.

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