Wholesome Freshness - Mint(Pudina) !! It Natural Herb


Wholesome Freshness - Mint(Pudina) !! It Natural Herb

July 29, 2017by admin0

Wholesome Freshness – Mint(Pudina)
Whether talked about the use of mint with yoghurt in raita (yoghurt sauce) or in other chutneys, mint is used in many ways. It has a attracting fresh fragrance. It is used in both fresh and dried forms in many recipies such as curry, soups chutney, salad and juices.
Mint not only helps in increasing the flavour but it is also useful for healthy stomach. Mint helps in removing the unnecessary toxins and free radicals. Its use is not only limited to health , its also used in beauty and cosmetics . It beautifies the skin , removes dirt and gives a fresh and healthy looking skin.

TIP 1: Take the green fresh leaves of mint and wrap it nicely in a paper and keep it in fridge for few days. When dried completely keep it in another container and use whenever required .

Beautifies Skin
1. It removes the layer of dead cells from the skin and helps in opening the blocked pores on the skin
2. It helps in hydrating the skin . Being a good antiseptic , it is often used as body cleanser, soaps and body wash.
3. If your skin is oily then mint facial will be the best option for you.

Health Benefits
1. Taking mint’s juice or raw mango’s juice with mint helps in hydrating your body in summers . It helps very much in keeping you away from summer blows.
2. Taking mint juice with lukewarm water during acidity gives an instant relief.
3. Mint leaves are also used in tooth problems. It is very useful in tooth , gum and black heads problem.
4. One very useful tip is if you drip mint oil all around your house then mosquitoes and flies will not be able to irritate you any more.

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