Why Need Fibre-Eat kala chana Dark Chickpea !! Black Chickpea


Why Need Fibre-Eat kala chana Dark Chickpea !! Black Chickpea

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Why Need Fibre-Eat kala chana Dark Chickpea!!
If you are thinking of taking enough fibre in your daily breakfast then dark or black chickpea is the best option. Black chickpea can be taken in any form for a healthy body. It contains sufficient amount of carbohydrate, protein , fibre, calcium, magnesium and other important minerals too. If black chickpea is taken in sprouted form then it’s a much better option. Intake of this completes the necessary requirements of chlorophyll, vitamins A, B, C, D and K , and it also completes the requirement of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.
Let us know more about its benefits:
1.Get rid of stones
Soaked black chickpea mixed with one tsp of honey if taken regularly then one can easily get rid of stones. It also forbades the formation of any stones in future.

 2.Keeps away Anaemia
If you are anaemic then eating black chickpeas should be added to your habits. Anaemia caused due to loss of iron can easily be prevented by eating chickpeas.

3. Good in curing Fever
During excess sweat in fever , roasted chickpea powder mixed with carom seeds should be massaged on the body. It is highly effective.

4. Instant energy
Daily intake of black chickpea sprouts, lime juice, ginger pieces and black pepper in breakfast provides instant energy.

Fibre is an essential element for our body. Black chickpea is rich in fibre . Daily intake of soaked black chickpeas improves digestion. It prevents any indigestion problems.

6. Women should eat black chickpeas atleast once a week
According to doctors young females should eat black chickpeas atleast once a week. Its necessary for them.Fibre and protein present in black chickpeas helps in catering the loss of blood during the menstrual cycle.
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