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“Yoga is the dance of every cell that we have, with the music of every breath that we take that creates inner serenity and harmony.”

‘Yoga’, what exactly comes in our mind when we come across this simple, short word that comprises just two characters and two vowels but a whole undiscovered world hidden inside it? Most of the people believe that ‘Yoga’ probably means twisting the body and muscles into impossible postures, but that is not what Yoga is all about.

Yoga’ is the most beautiful Way of Life and ultimate expression. Among the Yoga Sutras that form the foundation of today`s yoga, there is only one sutra that is dedicated to Yoga Asanas. Yoga means to be perfectly in tune with your mind, body and soul along with your existence beaded in absolute harmony. The term yoga is beyond comprehension because it has so many forms and definitions. It is so diverse that it would be undermining to explain it into one definition.

Yoga, essentially means, ‘union’. It is a way to bring one to the ultimate reality of life, where one realizes that the individual manifestations of life are just imaginary bubbles in the process of creation. Thus, to unlock your capabilities, Yoga is a perfect tool. Why now begin today?


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